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Massage crânien

Straight from northern India, the Abhyanga massage from Ayurveda, a medicine considered sacred in India for over 4000 years, is a sesame oil massage renowned for its relaxing and energizing virtues.

In India, Ayurveda is a true art of living which aims to reconcile body and mind.

The Abhyanga massage is based on the seven energy centers of the body (the chakras), which the practitioner will rebalance by stimulating the flow of energy in order to allow her to circulate freely through the body.

Pressure, friction but also stretching are performed at a moderate pace, alternating between slow and faster maneuvers.  

Abhyanga massage is especially recommended for nervous people, suffering from stress, fatigue and having trouble managing their emotions. It also works wonders on:

  • concentration ;

  • sleep ;

  • digestion ;

  • depression.

Physiologically, it helps promote:

  • blood flow ;

  • breathing;

  • relaxation of the joints;

  • muscle relaxation.


The oil is always heated, so as to be lukewarm, and is distributed in large quantities over the whole body.

From the scalp to the toes, each area of the body is massaged to release all its tensions.

A unique sensory experience that allows real harmony between body and mind.

* Female customers only.

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